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Grange Partnership Opportunity

Already a Partner:

Affordable Connectivity Program outreach participation form; Fill out the form to sign up for notification and request to make your Grange a part of the national agenda to bring broadband to all that can!

The program involves:

  1. Learn about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

  2. Collaborate with program navigators and grant administrators 

  3. Adding ACP program information to your events scheduled this year

  4. Having guest speakers at your Grange

  5. Reporting data of attendance #

Program Incentives include:

  1. Funds

  2. Resources 

  3. Regional Connectivity

  4. Access to grant writers

Letter To The Granges

Dear Grangers,

I hope this message finds you well. As we navigate through challenging times, your involvement with the Grange community has been invaluable, especially your participation in the national Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This initiative is more than just a program—it's a lifeline for countless families, ensuring equitable digital access for all.

Today, I'm reaching out from the Oregon Institute For A Better Way with an urgent call to action. The ACP is facing potential funding challenges, and it's crucial that our collective voices are heard to continue the support this program desperately needs. Due to this funding hold the ACP enrollment process will freeze tomorrow Feb 7 2024 at 11:59pm.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Community Interaction: Engage with your local community to discuss the importance of the ACP. Your experience and insights are invaluable in spreading awareness.

Educate and Empower: Utilize your knowledge to educate others about the ACP and how it empowers communities. The more people know, the stronger our advocacy becomes.

Read and Share Our Letter: We've attached a detailed letter explaining the urgency of this situation and our efforts to advocate for the ACP. Please take a moment to read and share it within your network.

Spread the Word: Share this letter with community leaders, friends, family, and anyone who can support this cause. The more voices we gather, the louder our call for action.

Act Now: The deadline for ACP applications is fast approaching. Your prompt action can make a significant impact.

Your role in this initiative is crucial. With your support, we can ensure that the ACP continues to provide essential services to millions of households. Let's come together to advocate for sustained support and funding for this vital program.

Thank you for your time, dedication, and continuous support. Together, we can create a lasting impact and ensure digital connectivity for everyone.

Warm regards,

Misty Burris
Program Director
Oregon Institute For A Better Way

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